NASA unveils manned 'Deep Space Transportation System'


With the Space Shuttle's last ride right around the corner, there's a worry that NASA will be out of the manned spaceflight game for good, leaving it to the private sector instead. Well, walking back out onto the stage like a rockstar for an encore, NASA just screamed, "We're going into deep space, ya'll!" before diving into the crowd.
At the heart of NASA's "Deep Space Transportation System" is a manned crew-capsule-and-rocket combo the agency has tasked Lockheed Martin with cobbling together. Called the Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (or MPCV), NASA envisions the spacecraft taking a crew of four astronauts into deep space on missions lasting upwards of 21 days (so, no Mars landings just yet), and then splashing down in the Pacific Ocean just like in the old days. It's also billed as being "10 times safer during ascent and entry than its predecessor, the space shuttle."

Eigenlijk is het gewoon een afgeleide van de Orion-capsule, die gepland was om terug te gaan naar de Maan, maar door overschrijding van budget en deadlines uiteindelijk door Obama is afgeblazen.

NASA said Tuesday that a new spacecraft to ferry humans into deep space will be based on designs for the Orion crew exploration vehicle and built by Lockheed Martin. via Physorg.

Deep Space? We praten hier over 21 dagen in LEO, dat is niet eens voldoende om naar Mars te komen. Ik ben bang dat we weer eens aan het lijntje gehouden worden.

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