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Living and working on the Moon

Again, Larry Kellogg inspired me to write this post. Will it ever be possible to colonize the moon? I read Heinlein's "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" years ago, which is about a libertarian Moon Colony; personally I was always more interested in colonizing Mars, but why not considering other possibilities? Let's quote at full length from Kellogg's post:


How would we live on the Moon?

Ice on the Moon is just a myth.

Ice on the Moon is just a myth.

Paris - Hopes that the Moon's South Pole has a vast hoard of ice that could be used to establish a lunar colony are sadly unfounded, a new study says.

In 1994, radar echoes sent back in an experiment involving a United States orbiter called Clementine appeared to show that a treasure trove of frozen water lay below the dust in craters near the lunar South Pole that were permanently shaded from the Sun.

Why We Must Flee the Planet: The Geometry of Earth is All Wrong

Our planetary home is the wrong shape, says SETI Institute's Seth Shostak. A sphere has less surface area than any other form of the same volume. Gerald O'Neill's proposed mammoth, rotating aluminum cylinders in orbit have a very low tonnage-to-terran ratio. Rather than crowding a few billion people onto the moon, for example, where residents...

New Cosmic Defense Idea: Fight Asteroids with Asteroids

In a Space Age version of fighting fire with fire, French scientists have suggested using one asteroid to destroy another rather than letting Earth get pummeled. The offbeat plan is intentionally incomplete and would allow the planet to be showered by fragments. But it might be better than a civilization-ending whack. No asteroids are presently known to be on collision courses with Earth. But existing holes in the ground suggest that inevitably one will eventually be found.

Discovery Channel werkt aan film over reis naar Mars.

Gaandeweg vindt het idee dat er ooit een bemande vlucht naar Mars komt ook ingang buiten het leger Mars-fanaten dat verzameld is in de Mars Society. Inmiddels is ook Discovery Channel bezig met een drie uur durende documentaire-film over een "Race to Mars", die speelt in 2030. De ruimterace speelt niet tussen de Verenigde Staten en Rusland, maar tussen China enerzijds en de VS, Canada, Rusland, Frankrijk en Japan anderzijds.

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